Drug Offenses

“Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of a Controlled Substance With Intent to Deliver, and Manufacturing a Controlled Substance”  

A person convicted of Possession With Intent to Deliver, Delivery, or Manufacture of a Controlled Substance may be faced with a lengthy prison term. A successful defense of a criminal drug offense is commonly focused upon the constitutionality of the search and seizure by the government.

Citizens are protected from unreasonable searches and seizures conducted by the government by the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, Article 1, & 7 of the Washington State Constitution, and/or Article 1, & 9 of the Oregon State Constitution. As a general rule, when a police officer or other government official searches a person or place where a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy, the police officer must either have a search warrant, or the police officer must be acting consistently with an applicable exception to the warrant requirement.

At the Harlan Law Firm, we have flexed the constitutional rights of our client’s and successfully defended people accused of misdemeanor and felony drug offenses.

Marijuana, Medical Marijuana, Marijuana Grows, and I-502

Whether you want to continue donating medicine to patients under Washington’s Medical Cannabis Act (RCW 69.51A) or you want to obtain a State license to grow, process, or sell cannabis under the new Initiative 502, you will need high level and experienced legal help. The Harlan Law Firm has the knowledge, skill, experience, and personnel to keep you in compliance with State law while helping you develop sustainable cannabis operations in a world where providing cannabis is still a Federal crime.


Additionally, we have the resources and experience to handle other types of criminal allegations, such as: 

- Battery/Assault

- Robbery

- Home Invasion/Burglary

- Theft

- Homicide

 -Vehicular Homicide

 -Vehicular Assault

 -Reckless Driving

- Negligent Driving in the First Degree

- Other crimes which involve the use of alcohol and/or drugs

Beau Harlan is a fantastic lawyer. I would recommend him to anyone.

— John Peterson, Criminal Defense Attorney, Vancouver, WA

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