What Is A Phantom Driver?

What Is A Phantom Driver?

You have probably heard the term hit-and-run driver, but have you heard mention of a phantom driver? Phantom drivers are to blame for thousands of crashes every year. These are crashes that result in injuries and damages.

A phantom driver is a driver who causes a car crash without making physical contact with your vehicle. This crash wouldn’t have happened if the negligent driver hadn’t run you off the road. Like a phantom, they appear, cause a crash, and then quickly leave the scene.

While many phantom drivers are aware of what they have done and then quickly leave the scene, there are some who may not realize they have caused an accident and continue driving on their way. Usually, phantom drivers aren’t identified because they leave the scene.

When you pursue a personal injury claim after a phantom driver has caused you to crash, your insurance should treat it as a hit and run accident. Sometimes a phantom driver caused accident is referred to as a miss and run. A phantom driver may pull into the path of your vehicle, causing you to swerve and run off the road striking a tree or utility pole.

Who Is Responsible For Your Damages?

Despite the phantom driver leaving the scene of the accident, he or she is still at fault for the accident if it was caused by their actions. That means that the phantom driver is responsible for your injuries and damages. To file a claim with their insurer, you will need to have information that identifies the other vehicle and its driver.

Witnesses, your attention to detail, and other information, such as dash camera footage or a traffic camera could help identify the driver who is to blame. If the phantom driver cannot be identified, then you will need to file a claim with your uninsured motorist coverage to cover your losses.

If you have been in an accident caused by a phantom driver, ask for a free case review from the Harlan Law Firm. The details will be reviewed and your options for pursuing a personal injury claim will be discussed.