Can Dash Cams Help Your Auto Accident Case?

If you have been injured in a car accident, you may wonder about the types of evidence that can help you recover compensation. Injury victims have the right to seek financial recovery by filing a personal injury claim.

The success of your personal injury claim will depend on the strength of the evidence that you can present. In this guide, we’ll explore the ways that dash cams can make a difference in your personal injury claims.

Understanding Dash Cams

The term “dash cam” is shorthand for a dashboard camera. These digital video devices are often mounted on a car’s windshield or dash.

When the camera is operational, it will record footage of events that take place in front of your vehicle. This video footage can be invaluable in a car crash or personal injury claim.

With many dashcam models, a driver can program the camera to film when the car is parked. Advanced dash cams also have motion sensitivity. This feature ensures that the camera begins capturing footage when anything around the vehicle moves. 

One potential downside of dash cams is their limited storage for footage. In most cases, video is continually deleted after a certain length of time and replaced with new footage, unless the driver saves a specific portion of the video.

Having dash cam footage of your collision can corroborate your account of what happened.

How Dash Cam Evidence Can Help in Your Claim

Dash cam footage is powerful evidence in any car accident claim. If your dash cam recorded the traffic collision, it can help to establish which party caused the crash.

Any footage of the crash can be useful for supporting the claims made in your personal injury case. Many dash cams capture data in addition to the visual footage.

If your dash cam collects information about speed, acceleration, or deceleration, your attorney can use this information to build a powerful case for you. 

Dash cams may also capture footage of eyewitnesses to the accident. So, this can help your personal injury attorney to track down relevant witnesses.

Witness testimony is often invaluable in car accident cases. For these many reasons, dash cam footage is advantageous when you are pursuing a car accident claim.

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