Pedestrian Injuries

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Helping Pedestrians Injured in Accidents Recover Compensation for Their Losses

If you are a pedestrian, you need to adhere to traffic laws. However, drivers have a responsibility to be on the lookout and to yield the right-of-way. If you have suffered pedestrian injuries in the Portland/Vancouver Metro area, you can pursue a personal injury claim to recoup compensation for your economic and non-economic losses caused by the accident.

Did a pedestrian accident leave you with serious injuries? Being hit by a motor vehicle could lead to broken bones or internal injuries. You may suffer long-term disabilities, and even have a spinal injury, paralysis, or a traumatic brain injury that will require ongoing medical care and lead to the loss of future earnings.

If you were hit by a motor vehicle, call the police. Injuries can be much worse than they appear, so be sure to establish medical care right away so you can prove that your injuries are a result of the pedestrian accident. Maintain thorough documentation to support your personal injury claim, such as medical bills, medical records, receipts for replacing damaged property, witness statements, proof of missed work and lost wages, and copies of medical excuses.

With the help of an accident injury attorney, you can recover damages through a personal injury claim. For experienced legal representation after suffering pedestrian injuries in the Portland/Vancouver Metro area, call the Harlan Law Firm.

There is a statute of limitations for recovering damages after an accident, so don’t wait too long to get your accident injury case underway. Schedule your free case evaluation with Beau Harlan today!

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Without having a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer fighting for you, you could end up owing tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills and losing thousands of dollars of income that your family needs to cover living expenses. As a dedicated Portland/Vancouver metro personal injury attorney, the Harlan Law Firm will provide caring, compassionate service while delivering the results that you and your family deserve.

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