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Motor Vehicle Accident/ Uninsured Motorist - 4/2019 (MVA/UIM)

Client was involved in two collision over the course of a single year.  Injuries included disc bulges at C4-5 and C5-6 accompanied by nerve root impingement.  Surgical intervention was recommended.  Gross settlement between two defendant’s and clients insurance carrier total $225,000.00. 

Motor Vehicle Accident - 01/2019 (MVA)

Client was driving to work early on a Sunday morning.   She drove north on I-5, took the 138th Street Exit, and turned westbound.  As she was making her turn, defendant ran a red light and t-boned her vehicle.  Client suffered injury to her cervical and thoracic ligaments, e.g. ligament laxity.  Allstate offered $38,000.00 prior to trial.  After a four day trial, jury awarded client $200,000.00.

Motor Vehicle Accident/ Uninsured Motorist - 05/2019 (MVA/UIM)

Client was a seat belted backseat passenger of a vehicle driven by an intoxicated driver.  Driver made an improper u-turn and collided with a light pole.  Client suffered a fracture of the L1 ‘Chance’ fracture of the L1 vertebra and three spinous process fracture in the lumbar spine.  Injuries required surgical repair involving open reduction, implantation of hardware, then removal of hardware.  Client made full recovery.  After mediation, gross recovery was $723,000.00. 

Motor Vehicle Accident - 02/2012 (MVA)

Defendant ran stop sign colliding with Harlan Law Firm client.  Force of impact caused client’s vehicle to land in ditch.  Client suffered fractured right tibia.  Defendant’s insurance carrier, State Farm paid available limits of $100,000.00.  Client’s own insurance carrier paid $110,000.00 in Under Insured Motorist coverage and waived PIP subrogation interest for a total settlement of $234,000.00.

Pedestrian Injuries - 10/2012 (Pedestrian)

Client, a pedestrian, was walking across Bybee Blvd within crosswalk at SE Milwaukie Ave..  Client was struck by vehicle driven by defendant turning eastbound onto Bybee.  Client suffered open fracture to left ankle.   Matter proceeded to trial.  During Voir Dire, case settled for $800,000.00 paid by Defendant’s insurance carrier, State Farm.  Clients own carrier, Allstate paid $50,000.00 in underinsured motorist coverage.  Personal Injury Protection benefits carriers waived $68,000.00 in subrogation interest for total settlement of $918,000.00.

Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)

Client was back seat passenger of vehicle driven by underage intoxicated driver.  Driver lost control of vehicle while driving at excessive speed and struck a tree causing critical injuries to client.   Client suffered brain injury and loss of vision in one eye.  Liability carrier, State Farm and client’s own underinsured motorist coverage, State Farm paid the available limits of $200,000.00 and waived PIP subrogation for total recovery of $210,000.00.  Case is an example of why it is so important to carry insurance coverage with high underinsured motorist coverage limits.  The amount of money available for recovery was inadequate to fully compensate client.

Boating Accident - (Boating/Jet Ski)

Client was driving a jet ski on the Columbia River when he was struck by a second jet ski being driven recklessly by an acquaintance.  Client suffered fractured left Tibia and Fibula.  Case settled for $61,000.00.  Another example of in inadequate insurance coverage to fully compensate client.

Motor Vehicle Accident - 4/2013 (MVA)

Client was the driver of a vehicle that collided with jersey barrier on bridge crossing Lewis River in Woodland, Washington.  After her vehicle became disabled, she exited the vehicle and attempted to walk to safety to shoulder of road.  As she did, vehicle a company vehicle struck her vehicle while traveling at approximately 70 miles per hour.  Her vehicle, in turn hit her, which slammed into her and threw her down the freeway.  Suffered critical life threatening injuries.  Sued the driver and company for negligence matter settled for $900,000.00.

Motor Vehicle Accident - 7/2014 (MVA)

Client was driving northbound on I-5 in rush hour traffic.  She brought her vehicle to a stop on the bridge and was rear-ended by another vehicle.   There was no visible property damage to client’s vehicle.   Client experienced neck pain following the collision, but did not treat for several months.  Client’s personal Injury protection carrier, (name), denied coverage.  Matter proceeded to arbitration.  When pain persisted, she sought medical care and was ultimately diagnosed with a C4-5 disc bulge causing nerve impingement and pain.  Client underwent surgery to repair injury.  We prevailed.  Insurance carrier paid medical bills of (Confidential) plus 120,000.00 in uninsured motorist coverage.

Motor Vehicle Accident - 11/2013

Client, who was driving home from work on Hwy 212 was rear-ended defendant.  Suffered cervical disc injury at C5 through C7 accompanied by Tinitus as a result of the collision.   Defendant was uninsured.  Client made claim on her own uninsured motorist coverage and case settled for policy limits of $100,000.00.

Pedestrian Injuries/Bus Accidents

Client, who was a pedestrian walking within a marked crosswalk, suffered sprained ankle when knocked to ground by public transportation bus in downtown Vancouver.  Client incurred approximately $800.00 in medical expenses.  Settled for $30,000.00.

Pedestrian Injuries/Rideshare Accidents - 12/2017

Client was walking home from work within a marked crosswalk at NE 24th and East Burnside in Portland, Oregon when she was struck by a taxi traveling between 25 to 30 miles an hour.  Client suffered spinous process fractures in the thoracic spine and concussion as a result of the collision.  Client had full recovery with the exception of vision issues which were corrected with glasses.  Case settled at mediation for $200,000.00.

Motor Vehicle Accident - 07/2018 (MVA)

Client was driving northbound on Interstate 5 when traffic became congested and she brought her vehicle to a stop.  Defendant, who was following client, did not see client’s stopped vehicle ad slammed into the back of her vehicle while traveling approximately 50 miles per hour.  Client suffered concussion and damage to ligaments in her cervical spine, e.g. ligament laxity. Client was diagnosed with Cervical Axio Syndrome the symptoms of which include sensitivity to light, sensitively to sound, vertigo, dizziness, fatigue, head feeling heavy, and neck pain.   Defendant’s insurance paid $60,000.00.  Then client made claim on her UIM coverage for the available $100,000.00 of benefits.  UIM carrier, Country Insurance, made a zero offer.  Matter proceeded to arbitration.  After two day arbitration, arbitrator awarded $267,733.90.

Motor Vehicle Accident/ Uninsured Motorist - 05/17 (MVA/UIM)

Client was driving northbound on 38th Avenue in Gresham with the intent of entering I-84 westbound, when he stopped for a red light.  Defendant did not stop and collided with the back of client’s vehicle.  Collision exacerbated significant pre-existing injuries to client’s lower back and neck.  Client had two surgeries to correct the injuries.  Gross settlement form liability carrier, UIM carrier and PIP was $322,700.00

Dog Bite – 8/2014  (Dog Bite)

18 year old client bit on lip by dog while visiting friend.  Bite caused permanent scaring to lower lip.   $85,000.00 Settlement

Motor Vehicle Accident - 08/2013 (MVA)

Client rear-ended by construction company vehicle.  Collision resulted in exacerbation of pre-existing degenerative condition in lower back.  Neurosurgeon placed permanent lifting restrictions on client.  Case settled after filing suit for $125,000.00.

Premises Liability - 10/2018 (Premises Liability)

Client was wheel chair bound paraplegic who attended medical appointment on second floor of building.  Escalated to second floor in elevator.  When done with appointment, returned to find elevator not functional.   Physical therapists dropped client as they attempted to carry client down stairs while seated in wheel chair.  Fall resulted in sever exacerbation of pressure ulcer on client’s buttocks.  Matter settled for $660,000.00.

Motor Vehicle Accident/Trucking Accident - 01/2014 (MVA/Tractor Trailer/Semi-Truck)

80 year old client stopped for red light at 181st and East Burnside for a red light.  A tractor trailer rear-ended client’s vehicle.  Client exited his vehicle to inspect damage.  When light turned green, truck driver proceeded forward, knocking client to ground and running over his left leg.  Client suffered fractures to his femur, tibia and fibula.  Client also suffered a concussion.  Injuries required surgical intervention and significant rehabilitation.  Case settled for $900,000.00.

Motor Vehicle Accident/ Liquor Liability - 09/2018 (MVA/Liquor Liability)

Client was traveling eastbound on SR 500 at approximately 2 a.m. when defendant’s vehicle was driving westbound in the eastbound lanes of SR 500 and collided head on with client.   Client suffered catastrophic injuries including fractures to both legs, ankles, pelvis, and a significant brain injury.  After suit was filed, case settled for $1,150,000.00.

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