Car Accidents

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Serving Vancouver, WA, and Portland, OR, the Harlan Law Firm is recognized for aggressively pursuing personal injury claims after auto accidents in the Portland/Vancouver Metro region. 

Despite traffic laws and stricter enforcement, over 6 million car crashes are reported in the United States annually. These incidents result in over 3 million yearly injuries, averaging 90 deaths daily. About 2 million people suffer permanent injuries due to car accidents yearly.

The Need for a WA Car Accident Attorney: Helping Victims Navigate the Legal Landscape

If you've suffered injuries in a car accident in the Portland/Vancouver metro area, you need an experienced Vancouver personal injury attorney to represent you. By pursuing a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver, you can recover compensation for your damages, vital support during a challenging time in your life.

Understanding Negligence in Car Accidents: Role of a Car Accident Lawyer

Proving the crash was caused by another person's negligence significantly increases the chances of a successful auto accident claim. Negligent acts are common causes of crashes. Around 40% of fatal crashes involve alcohol, 30% involve speeding, and 33% result in death caused by reckless driving.

Your Legal Rights: Consulting With Car Accident Attorneys After an Accident

Damages from a car accident can be extensive. When filing a personal injury claim, you aim to claim all your damages and establish a fair value for your losses. Some damages are economic in nature, while others are non-economic, making it challenging to come up with a dollar value for your claim.

Steps to Recovery: Pursuing an Injury Claim Post an Auto Accident

If you suffered injuries in a Portland/Vancouver Metro area car crash or if your loved one died due to a car accident caused by someone's negligence, you can file a personal injury claim or wrongful death claim against the other party.

Assessing Damages: The Role of Law Groups in Evaluating Your Claim

Here are some common damages claimed in such accidents:

  • Medical expenses
  • Future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Future loss of earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damages
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium

Seeking Justice in Washington: The Harlan Law Firm

The Harlan Law Firm helps accident victims and their families after car crashes in the Portland/Vancouver Metro area. A strict statute of limitations exists for pursuing a personal injury claim following a car crash. If you wait too long, you could lose your opportunity to recover monetary damages. Contact our WA car accident lawyers for a case review today, so you can determine how to proceed with an accident injury claim after a motor vehicle accident. It's time that justice is served to all the negligent drivers on the road.

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Without having a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer fighting for you, you could end up owing tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills and losing thousands of dollars of income that your family needs to cover living expenses. As a dedicated Portland/Vancouver metro personal injury attorney, the Harlan Law Firm will provide caring, compassionate service while delivering the results that you and your family deserve.

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