Have You Been Hit by a Rideshare Driver as a Pedestrian? Take These 3 Steps

As a pedestrian, being hit by a vehicle is a painful and agonizing experience, no matter who is driving the vehicle. The severity of your injuries does not depend on whether the motorist who struck you is a private individual, a commercial driver, or a rideshare driver.

However, in the case of the latter, recovering compensation following a pedestrian accident can be more difficult. The ease with which you can obtain monetary damages often depends on what you do immediately after a crash, so make sure you do these three things.

1. Get Medical Assistance Right Away

Your primary concern after being struck by any vehicle is to get medical assistance. Summon emergency medical care or make arrangements to visit your doctor’s office or local emergency room for evaluation.

Getting prompt medical attention protects not only your health but also your potential to recover the maximum amount of compensation.

2. Find Out Which Rideshare Company the Driver Is Affiliated With

Both Uber and Lyft have generous insurance policies that cover their drivers if they are involved in a crash while picking up or transporting a customer. Knowing which rideshare company the driver is affiliated with can help ensure you file your claim with the appropriate company and insurance carrier.

If you cannot obtain information about the rideshare company involved on the scene, you can likely find that information in the accident report.

3. Enlist the Help of a Washington Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

An experienced pedestrian accident lawyer can help you present and pursue your claim with the rideshare company’s insurance carrier while you recover from your injuries. Your attorney can also file a lawsuit against the driver’s personal liability carrier if they were not actively transporting a fare at the time of the crash.

Your attorney can also help you prepare and file a lawsuit if your injuries and losses exceed the applicable insurance policy’s limits. Filing a lawsuit can involve a considerable amount of investigation and preparation, and your attorney will have the resources and knowledge to undertake these tasks efficiently.

Get Help with Your Washington Pedestrian Collision Case

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