Most Common Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

Safety equipment works wonders when it comes to saving lives and reducing the severity of the injuries received from motorcycle accidents. However, there are still countless motorcycle accidents every day that result in injuries.

Today, we’re going to go over the most common types of injuries that motorcycle riders receive from accidents.

Leg Injuries

It’s quite common to sustain serious injuries to any portion of the legs, such as knees, calves, feet, and ankles in a motorcycle accident. These types of injuries can leave permanent damage to the nerves and muscles.

Road Rash

Road rash occurs when a rider is sent sliding across the street after an accident. It’s more severe than a simple scrape, since the force of sliding across the street can often degrade several layers of skin and reach down to the muscle. 

Road rash can be somewhat limited by wearing riding pants, riding boots, a leather riding jacket, and other forms of protective wear.

Muscle Damage

Along with road rash, muscle damage can come in all shapes and sizes when there is a motorcycle accident. In addition to sliding along the road, muscles can be damaged in countless other ways. For example, a rider’s leg could be crushed between a car and a motorcycle. Many forms of muscle damage fully recover, but others can leave permanent nerve damage.

Damage to the Head and Neck

Fractures to the skull are among the most common severe injuries that motorcycle riders can receive. Thankfully, many riders wear helmets that prevent the worst damage. However, even if an accident is not deadly, there can still be lasting injuries to the head and neck.  

A motorcycle accident can easily cause blunt force trauma to the head and neck. Brain injuries are not uncommon. From a minor concussion to swelling of the brain, motorcycle accidents can have serious consequences for riders. 

Always Get Checked Out

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, make an appointment to visit your doctor right away. Even if you don’t feel any pain immediately after the accident, you should still visit your doctor to receive a complete workup. Sometimes, issues caused by accidents do not cause pain, but they can still be serious and long-lasting.

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