4 Ways to Reduce Liability for Accidents on Your Property

It is important for business owners and operators to protect their interests. One crucial way to protect your assets is to take precautions so you can avoid workplace-related accidents.

Failing to reduce your own liability could result in massive economic and legal issues. But reducing your liability can also help you to keep your customers and employees safe.

Even if you know that you should guard yourself against legal liability, you may still be unsure about how to do it properly. So below, we will discuss four important tips for reducing the likelihood of accidents on your property.

1. Get Regular Inspections of Your Premises

Regular inspections of your property can help to ensure the safety of your visitors, customers, and employees. This is especially true if the type of work that employees engage in involves heavy machinery.

Make sure to check for possible hazards or accident sites. Falling accidents are one of the most common types of personal injury claims.  

To avoid falling accidents, check for the following as you’re inspecting your property:

  • Loose wires and cables
  • Debris in pathways
  • Out-of-place boxes or equipment
  • Leaks and drainage issues
  • Loose railing on stairs or walkways
  • Boxes in inappropriate locations

These obstacles and hazards can cause employees and customers to fall. Because of that, regular inspections can help to prevent accidents and reduce your liability.

2. Document Repairs and Inspections

Beyond conducting inspections is also vital to keep a comprehensive record of these checks. Because this will help to guarantee that safety inspections occur at regular intervals. 

Consider having a dedicated set of employees to conduct safety checks. Keeping a clear record will help to identify potential problem spots and areas that make accidents more likely.

Make sure to document all repairs and inspections because this will help to guarantee a safe working environment and limit your liability because you’ll be able to show that you’ve taken reasonable measures to protect visitors.

3. Secure Adequate Insurance Coverage

Any type of claim arising from a workplace accident can be costly. And because of this, you should secure general liability insurance for your property and business. 

If a customer or employee suffers a personal injury in an accident, this coverage will provide the funds you need to address the issue without draining your business accounts.

4. Contact a Skilled Liability Attorney

When you need the best legal representation available, reach out to the experienced team at Harlan Law. Our attorneys can help you to protect your business interests when an accident occurs on your property.

Do not leave your property and business assets at risk. Contact Harlan Law to schedule a free phone consultation today!