Boating Accidents in Washington: 6 Common Causes

Now that summer and warm weather will soon arrive, there will be tens of thousands of boaters out on the waters of Washington State. Going out on a boat for the weekend is supposed to be a great time to spend with friends and family.

But just like driving a car, driving a boat comes with the risk of getting into an accident. Boaters are seriously injured or even killed in boating accidents every year in Washington.

But if you or a family member has suffered serious injuries in a Washington boating accident, the accident lawyers at Harlan Law can fight for your right to receive compensation for your injuries.

6 Common Causes of Boating Accidents

The Coast Guard, which tracks this data, says that there are many causes of dangerous boating accidents throughout the United States:

1. Alcohol or Drug Impairment

One of the leading causes of boating accidents is when the driver is impaired by either alcohol or drugs like marijuana. Boating and drinking do not mix and are unsafe. Just like driving a vehicle, when you drink and drive a boat, the risk of getting into a serious crash increases significantly.

2. Operator Error

Common operator errors that could cause an accident include driving a boat in poor lighting conditions (night or bad weather) and striking something in the water, speeding and hitting other boats, and navigational errors.

3. Distracted Driving

A boat driver can also not be paying attention to where they are going and cause an impact with another boat or something else in the water.

4. Environmental Causes

The environment and weather can change swiftly and dangerously, putting boaters at risk of getting into accidents. Boats can be overcome by large, unexpected waves and heavy winds.

5. Equipment Failure

Anything with a motor can have equipment failure. If boats are not well maintained, they could have mechanical issues that could also cause an accident.

6. Lack of Preparation

Driving a boat takes special skills and training. You can’t just jump on a boat and drive it safely the first time. Also, because there’s an inherent safety risk when you’re out on the water, you should always be prepared. You should have life vests, flares, medical supplies, water, and ways to contact the shore if there’s an accident.

Always Call a Boating Accident Lawyer If You Have Been Seriously Injured

Boating accidents can be complicated when proving who was at fault. Not every lawyer can take on these complex cases. The boating accident lawyers at Harlan Law will show you that we know what it takes to win tough cases. Contact us today to get help recovering the compensation you deserve.