Essential Steps to Take After a Distracted Driving Accident

According to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, roughly 30% of crash fatalities across the state are due to distracted drivers.

Even though the numbers are alarming, motorists in Washington continue to engage in negligent behaviors by ignoring the road. Distracted driving puts drivers and pedestrians at risk, and the consequences can be deadly.

Should you become the victim of a distracted driving accident, there are critical steps you’ll need to take to protect your rights and pursue compensation for your injuries and losses.

Understanding Distracted Driving

Distracted driving includes several negligent behaviors that can easily contribute to an accident. Some of these include:

  • Texting or calling on the phone
  • Tuning the radio
  • Eating or drinking
  • Personal grooming
  • Talking to other passengers

Even just a momentary distraction can lead to a severe crash.

Steps to Take If a Distracted Driver Injures You

If a distracted driver injures you in a car crash, you should take the following steps whenever possible. While a personal injury lawsuit will be largely handled by your attorney, early preparations will help make the process more streamlined.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

In any car accident, your priority should be your health and safety. Medical attention should be the first step in dealing with a crash.

Treating your injuries as soon as possible can prevent health complications. It can also help with your case because you’ll need detailed medical records to pursue a personal injury claim in court.

Comply with Law Enforcement

When another driver’s negligence causes an accident, law enforcement may investigate the accident, especially if it involves serious injuries. You will need to cooperate with the police each step of the way as they look into the situation.

Secure Evidence and Information

Police may not always investigate every distracted driving accident. If you want to hold the responsible party accountable for their negligence, you’ll need enough evidence to back your lawsuit.

In the moments after a crash, you and your attorney should work to collect any of the following:

  • Police reports
  • Video and photographs of the crash
  • Witness phone numbers
  • Cell phone records
  • Medical records

The more information you have to prove that the driver was distracted, the more likely you are to prevail in court.

Consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Vancouver

Accidents caused by distracted drivers are serious matters, and you’ll need the help of a seasoned car crash injury attorney who will fight for your rightful compensation.

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